Client Services

We offer clients a range of solutions to their recruitment needs and take every opportunity to add value along the way. An assignment may involve Executive Search, Advertised Selection or a mixture of both. We don't subscribe to the view that an executive recruitment business must be either a ‘Search' or a ‘Selection' company because we believe that the ‘one tactic fits all' approach deprives clients of the full array of tools available to meet their requirements.

In selling opportunities to candidates we don't simply regurgitate the job description or other ‘features' of the role. Instead we sell its ‘benefits', adopting techniques employed with much success in product advertising. We define our audience (in terms of the competencies required and geographical range) and identify the reason or reasons why the role presents this audience with something better than they already have. We then sell these attractions to our target audience, either directly - through search - or indirectly - through advertising.

By selling roles in this way we tap in to the large group of people who aren't actively seeking new roles but who become interested when they can see that we are describing an opportunity that will enhance their careers.

Our goal is to remove any mystery in the recruitment process for both clients and candidates. We achieve this by adopting a flexible, transparent approach to our work, setting a plan to agreed milestones with our clients and sharing information with them (the highs and the lows) every step of the way. Likewise, candidates are made aware of planned project milestones and any subsequent deviations. In addition, each candidate receives honest, frank and open feedback concerning their candidacy and performance at every stage of the selection process.

In addition, our assessment services can be used as part of a recruitment campaign, or separately for appraisal, development or skills audit programmes.


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