Advertised Selection

We adopt a creative approach in framing recruitment adverts, designing the adverts to sell all of the ‘benefits' of an opportunity.  We believe that adverts must work very hard to justify the soaring costs of many publications.  We don't believe that clients are receiving value for money when an advert simply reworks a job description and uses a publication as just a notice board, informing candidates of a vacancy. This limits the job's attractiveness to only those people who are actively seeking new positions. Instead, by making the advert work as hard as possible to sell all of the attractions, we are able to draw interest from people who may not be active job seekers but who can see that we are offering them the opportunity to enhance their careers.

We frequently take readings from the market to gauge the most appropriate media for more specialist roles.  This ensures that, for especially scarce candidates, we can promote your roles via the most appropriate routes available.

Techniques employed in assessing candidates are reviewed under Assessment Services.

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