Assessment Services

Listed below is the range of methods we adopt to objectively assess candidate suitability for positions.  Outside the normal recruitment process we also offer clients these assessment techniques as separate services. They can be called on when internal candidates are being considered for new roles, in support of annual appraisals or management development programs, when clients require a skills audit of their staff or in support of client-led recruitment initiatives.  All our Assessment Services are provided by fully trained professionals.

  • Structured, Competency Based Interviews - still the most common method of assessing a candidate's overall suitability for a position.
  • Occupational and Psychometric Testing - increasingly being used to supplement other information in recruitment, promotion, team building, appraisals, career planning and coaching. They are most commonly used to measure ability or aptitude or as a predictor of likely behaviours and can provide valuable data not uncovered through other assessment processes.
  • Assessment Centres - statistically and according to a range of studies, assessment centres have been found to be a much better predictor of future job performance than any single assessment tool used in isolation. They include interviews, in-tray exercises, occupational and psychometric tests and group exercises and can be a time efficient method of assessing large groups of candidates. Assessment Centres are also very effective when they are used in support of Management Development Programs.
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