Our outplacement services, including career coaching and counselling, are tailored to suit the specific needs and budgets of the organisations and individuals with which we work.  Our  outplacement team comprises senior consultants with extensive backgrounds in HR, Industrial Psychology and/or Assessment. We are experienced in running company appraisals and skills audits and in the provision of outplacement programmes to large and small enterprises; on a group or one to one basis.

We focus on ensuring that every indivdual receives a bespoke service, relevant to their career ambitions, whether they are keen to secure their next post, gain extra skills, set up their own business or transition into retirement.  Whilst we cannot guarantee particular outcomes in every case, we work hard to provide the very best possible advice, guidance and assistance. 

How does the individual benefit from outplacement?

  • Confidence-building at what is for most a vulnerable time.
  • Greater clarity and focus about their next move.
  • More time-efficient job search campaign.
  • Improved success-rate in being shortlisted for target roles.
  • A greater understanding of their key skills and enhanced interview ability.
  • Access to oil and gas outplacement and recruitment experts.
  • Confidential feedback, access to workshops and Executive Coaching for those already in or seeking senior management roles. 

How does the organisation benefit from providing outplacement?

  • Providing genuine help to those who are about to face the most competitive job market for decades.
  • Reduced conflict and fewer legal disputes as individuals feel supported in their transition.
  • Freeing up HR and line management time and energy.
  • Maintaining the morale of redundancy "survivors" who see their exiting colleagues well-treated.

For more information about the range of services available, please download our PDF brochure below.  

Enquiries to: Liz Gardner, +44 (0)20 3755 5043+44 (0)20 3755 5043 or +44(0)7801 711372+44(0)7801 711372.  Email: gardner@simpsoncrowden.com

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